Abrasive blasting is performed as a pretreatment of metal surfaces and steel constructions prior to the application of a paint system itself.
It is seen as the degree of both the cleanliness and roughness of the blasted surface – two important prerequisites ensuring an anchorage profile for appropriate adhesion of the protective paint.
Blasting is performed using a sharp abrasive blasting medium - recyclable cast-iron or steel grit - on stationary company’s work sites (blasting halls).
Mobile work stations ( blasting) use silica sand as a blasting abrasive, or special power plant slag – Dirk.

All operations are performed in compliance with ISO 8501-1/88.

Blasting and spray coating work is performed in a 15x6x6-meter blasting and painting hall located in the town of Staré Město near Uh. Hradiště and in our surface protection facility at Zahnašovice near Holešov.

In addition, C.a.P.P. provides the following blasting (cleaning) operations on construction materials, existing constructions and buildings, silos, historical buildings, schools, churches and religious monuments. Surface treatment complies to ISO 8501-1/88 and quality certification requirements. Such jobs are performed using our mobile technology at the customer´s site, anywhere in the Czech Republic.

Life expectancy is increased by up to 400% - it cannot be any better.